More NP1 Productions news

Soon enough, is gonna look a lot different.  I don’t know how soon or how different, but I know that the time is coming.  I need more time to sit down and work it out, including figuring out hosting and stuff like that.  I mean, I just set up a Facebook page for NP1 Productions and I had to sleep on it halfway through, so rebuilding the website with a new mission will take some more time.  Besides, I’m waist-deep in video work right now.

Speaking of which, check this out: here’s a playlist of examples of what the NP1 Productions hustle has been mostly about – the local theater scene.  If you know me, you know that theater in Central Mass is one of my biggest passions, and now I’m going to put that together with my love of filmmaking and photography.  Check these videos out if you haven’t seen me post them already.

A long-needed update

Good evening, everyone.  It’s been too long.

I’d like to just take a moment to say that changes might be afoot at, eventually, anyway.  I’m looking to redesign the site and change the mission.  The mission has changed plenty over the years since I started “New Page One” on Geocities.  That was nearly FIFTEEN years ago.  And I’m still not famous, how about that?  Besides, when it started, I wanted to “keep my desktop publishing skills sharp.”  Then I just wanted to be an online smartass, which led to the genesis of blogging (which I was already doing), and so on.  Nowadays, getting someone to commit to reading your blog posts on a regular basis is nigh impossible since we are constantly churning out content via Facebook, Twitter, and the rest.  Who wants a meal when you can snack all day?

Anyway, it’s time I start using NP1 as a place to promote myself as an entrepreneur.  I’ve been making videos for years (before even YouTube I’d host stuff on this site myself), and those skills are the ones I truly believe in.  So I’d like to ask you to check out my favorite self-made content in the playlist below, plus let you know that I plan on a major overhaul of the site.  The blog may still exist somehow, who knows, but things will go back to basics like it was in the old days, just that now we’re doing it for money.

I’m a filmmaker.  I’m gonna make films for money.  It’s time.

The Steve Caputo Project starts on YouTube

A week ago, I posted a new video on YouTube, which will be the first in a series. Here, check it out:

So there’s Episode 1, which I guess is  a decent start.  I’ve finished writing Episode 2, but need to shoot it, and I’ve got a subject for a third.  After that, I guess that whatever I’ve learned so far will translate into future episodes.  I’m hoping to get on some sort of regular schedule with making these, but as you probably would guess, I might not be all that good at keeping that promise. And that’s what the next video will be about.

The idea behind this thing, though, is to get me back into the process of shooting and editing, something that I love doing and have not had the drive to do.  I’ve decided that, in the words of Jack Black, I must manufacture inspirado.  To start with, the Project will be about my creativity process, but I’m hoping that it becomes a sort of video diary/vlog sort of thing.  In the meantime, other video stuff might come along.  There’s a lot of possibilities here.

I hope you enjoyed that video, and I’m hoping you’ll check out further updates as I go along.

A close call

Well, that was… interesting.

Earlier today I effectively killed again while trying to fix it. Here’s a short rundown of what happened:

  1. Noticed that comments had disappeared from the site and were no longer coming in.
  2. Looked up documentation on WordPress sites and tried to solve the problem.
  3. WordPress Codex made it apparent that I needed to repair my databases, but I did not have the tools to do such a thing installed on my server.
  4. Accidentally installed PHP/database tools in the directory where I have my blog set up.
  5. Panic.
  6. Call Yahoo support straight away and talk with Jason for two hours.
  7. Fix comment problem while creating a whole new one, essentially isolating the front page from the rest of the site.
  8. Jason technically can’t give me WordPress support, so he leaves me with suggestions and I go to it on my own.
  9. I ignore all of the new database information I’ve just learned and just export/import XML of all of my posts like I did the last time the site went down. I do this after deactivating my WordPress blog, starting a new one, and importing a nice big XML file with all of the site’s previous information.
  10. Plugging the XML in and fixing plugins/widgets now. If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know.

The reason the comments went down in the first place is because I get so much Spam that it crashes the comment database if I don’t clear it out every so often. Lesson learned!

Watermelon Cat Returns

Hey, kids, look who’s back!

They see me rollin...

Indeed, Watermelon Cat is here to herald some site issues. In an effort to fix the disappearance of all of the site’s comments, I managed to make a bigger mess of things. You can currently read the most recent posts on the front page, but anything else within the site is out of commission. Thanks to Jason at Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting tech support for helping me out with some issues and showing me a thing or two that I didn’t know about databases and PHP and whatnot.

Hopefully we’ll have this stuff back up and running soon.

What I’ve been up to – Summer edition

I’ve been a bit busy as of late, and haven’t had the time to post like I’d like to.  So many ideas have come and gone, and I’m kinda angry about it, but on the bright side, I’ve actually had a bit on my plate lately.

I wanted to put up an image but didnt feel like uploading anything, so I picked something at random from my server.  Who wins?  Everybody.

I wanted to put up an image but didn't feel like uploading anything, so I picked something at random from my server. Who wins? Everybody.

For one thing, I’m doing more things that I enjoy on a more serious level.  I guess most importantly, I’m back into videography on a professional level.  I’ll write more on that soon, but let’s just say that it’s got some serious potential.  It’s “what I do” now.  I’m very excited about it… so excited, in fact, that I even do it in my spare time along with doing it as “work.”  I say it in quotations because it doesn’t feel like work.  It’s fun to me.  So I threw this together one afternoon a couple of weeks ago.

The beauty of it is, I shot all of that on my Canon Vixia HF200.  I’ve finally figured out a way to make the footage usable… all with free software.  You all know that I’m big on doing this stuff on the cheap, especially when it comes to computers.  I edited the video with Kdenlive, a great program that runs cross-platform, and is one of the best I’ve used on Ubuntu, period, let alone for video editing.  Once I’ve got the money for a new computer (PC or Mac, who knows?), Kdenlive is coming with me.

Aside of imagining myself a filmmaker again, I’m also very close to putting a new show on.  Stageloft is one of the best local theater groups going, and it’s an honor to be joining them for Laughter on the 23rd Floor, opening up on August 12th.  I’ll be sure to keep publicizing it on here and Facebook and everywhere else.

In fact, I’m going to cut this post short because I’m off to rehearsal in a bit.  Stay tuned in the near future for more.

Another satisfied customer

My old pal Bill sent in this shot of himself in a brand new Data T-Shirt!

"It occurs to me that this would have been even funnier if I had been laughing as well."

And NP1’s sphere of influence balloons to encompass our nation’s capital!

I’m thinking of starting an advertising firm

In an effort to increase sales of NP1 T shirts, I’ve decided to ratchet up the advertising machine.  After plenty of focus group work, self-amusement, and ice cream sandwiches, this is what I came up with:

I’m waiting to hear about my Clio award.

In all seriousness, this was something I had kicking around in my head for a week or two but finally got around to doing yesterday.  I knew that I’d only be able to throw this together with just my regular digital camera and Windows Movie Maker.  I had forgotten exactly how bad Movie Maker was until I started working with it again.  Still, knowing its limitations and quirks, I worked a lot of it into the final product.  Buy enough shirts and I can get a new computer to edit the AVCHD from my Vixia.

Wicked “Bizarre”

Back a couple of months ago, I posted rather cryptically about looking for Inspirado and talking about a one-hit wonder.  Now, you know why.

Wanna know the rest, hey, <del datetime=

If you click on the face of the gone-but-not-forgotten Pauly Fuemana, you’ll be reading my debut column for The Pulse, a great lifestyle and entertainment magazine based in beautiful Worcester.  You can also pick up a hard copy for free anywhere in the Worcester area.  Hopefully, I’ll continue to contribute and maybe even get noticed.

Thanks to Lara for giving me a shot.  Does this mean I’m a writer now?


Okay, okay, I’m not selling out.  You asked for it, you got it.  In celebration of the tenth anniversary of NP1 (you read that correctly), I’m unveiling the site’s first t-shirt.

Not tested on animals.

Not tested on animals.

Click on the image to head on over to the new “NP1 Shirt Depository” and get yourself one of these snazzy little numbers.  Featuring beefy cotton and the always-popular Futura font, this shirt will be a great conversation piece and remain relevant for years to come.  A sound investment for any upper-body apparel collector.

More to come, I’ve got all sorts of crazy ideas.